If you are not in a current relationship, or your partner is unwilling to participate, individual counseling sessions with Don can help you understand:

  • What makes you tick
  • What relationship strengths you have
  • Where you need growth
  • What you are bringing from your history or family into your relationships

Sessions are focused on your self-understanding. You’ll identify and replace negative habits with healthy new ones. You’ll have opportunities to consider how your relationship with God impacts your relationships. And you’ll learn practical skills to grow deeper in your life and relationships.

Every session ends with practical homework assignments.  This between-session homework will accelerate your growth and solidify new healthy habits.


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In the free consultation, Don will learn what your needs are, and you will learn a bit about him. If there’s a mutual fit, you’ll move forward. If it’s not a fit, Don will provide referral(s) to the appropriate professional resources to meet your needs. So, either way, you will receive direction to the help you are looking for.


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