Karen Darrin


Don loves weddings! You may hear him choke up a little when it’s time to say “I now pronounce you husband and wife” – it’s a special moment for you, but also for him!  Don requires two meetings with both of you before the wedding. The first is to determine your spiritual history and your intentions in making your vows.  The second meeting will cover details and specific plans for the ceremony. But it doesn’t end there. Don desires that the couples he marries not only get off to a great start, but that they stay married. After the wedding ceremony. For life.

Don will schedule two follow-up meetings to work through the natural issues that arise in marriage. These will occur three months and 12 months after the wedding. These meetings ensure that you will be supported on your special day, and into the future.

One final requirement for Don to perform your wedding: you must sign an agreement that if either of you is so disenchanted that you are considering moving out of your home, you promise to contact Don and meet with him before taking this step. (Don and his wife, Alexandra, signed this same agreement with the pastor who performed their wedding ceremony in 1980.)

You’re making a lifetime commitment, and Don is too.

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