Karen is beyond top notch and is a joy to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and an incredible listener. She takes the time to provide truly relevant, useful direction. It is also evident that Karen loves what she does and she approaches her work with an infectious enthusiasm. If you are looking for direction in your career, or just looking to sharpen your tools, Karen is the right choice.
Will Hodges

Commerical Relationship Manager at Bank South, Linkedin

I have known Karen Darrin for over 20 years, having worked with her in a variety of settings and ways and consider her to be a highly valued colleague/leader, world-class coach and close friend. Karen had a long and illustrious career having served as a senior human resource executive for a variety of different organizations. In these roles Karen was always the go to person whether people wanted to talk strategy, performance or personal/professional development. She is truly gifted in her ability to build deeply trusting relationships with her clients, because she listens and accepts each individual wherever they are and helps them on their journey to get where it is that they want to go. Karen has great wisdom that has been developed through the years and she is able to provide an objective perspective in ways that are both deeply caring and affirming for her clients. When I think of Karen I think of my favorite quote by Mahatma Gandhi “we must be the change that we seek in the world”. To work with Karen is to work with someone who is brought about those changes in their own life. Anyone that is fortunate enough to work with Karen Darrin experiences someone who walks the walk and whose passion in life is to help each and every person who crosses her path to create the very best life and to be the very best person that they can be. I give Karen my highest unconditional recommendation Dr. Steve McMillen, founder and principal SMC Leadership and author of four books including Building Community: the Human Side of Work and Stress: Living and Working in a Changing World.
Steve McMillen

Executive Coach, Author, Consultant, Talent Mgt., Leadership Development, Change & Stress Mgt., Peak Performance, Linkedin

Karen is a deeply caring, intuitive, and smart coach. With her extensive business background, she immediately understands complex situations. She has an amazing ability to connect and empathize, but that doesn’t get in the way of her decisively focusing on what’s important – and not letting you avoid the hard questions! I’ve been lucky to work with Karen and have her support as a business partner, but also to experience her coaching first-hand. Her warmth, sense of humor and wicked-sharp capabilities make her simply a delight to work with.
Vidya Dinamani

Founder, Product & Innovation Coach, Linkedin

Karen is a pro’s pro. Her experience & keen insight allows her to get to the heart of the matter. In doing so, she provides options to enhance your craft, either through better time management or proven processes. I have enjoyed getting to know Karen & continue to work on the self-improvement that we have discussed. Furthermore, her commitment to veterans is both timely & inspirational.
William Cambardella

Comm Synch Officer, Linkedin

I highly recommend Karen. Her coaching sessions were very thorough and flowed comfortably. Her coaching style, suggested reading material, and perspectives were helpful and refreshing. Karen’s self-improvement concepts made it simple to apply to everyday situations. My sessions with Karen have definitely assisted in my transition from the Active Duty Army to the civilian world.
Carlos Brown

United States Army, NYIT, Linkedin

Transformational! Karen helped me to sort out some of my ‘head trash’ and free up space to focus on building my career going forward. She is energetic and positive yet realistic and wise from her years in Corporate HR. Having ongoing coaching sessions helps set the “Knowings” into ‘”Ownings”. I highly recommend Karen to anyone wanting to take their career to a higher level! Thanks!
Jeff Pierce


Karen has been a tremendous resource for both career guidance as well as personal development. In the latter part of my career, I was struggling with how to be relevant as well as questioning the career path I had chosen and if I even had options. With Karen’s coaching, I was able to focus and put things in perspective as well as use useful tools to bring clarity and an action plan. Having her as a coach also gave me a neutral space to discuss and test ideas, dream of a possible future, etc. Karen was also instrumental in helping me smoothly and effectively navigate two job transitions. With her approach of treating each person as an individual and creating accountability, I feel the one-on-one sessions were extremely valuable. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking to make positive change in their work and personal lives.
Jennifer Triem

National Account Director at Haliburton International Foods, Inc., Linkedin

Karen is one of the most spot-on people I know when it comes to listening, discerning, clarifying, and then rolling up her sleeves to engage individuals (and companies) in problem-solving for better (and healthier) results. She brings decades of experience in coaching with a pragmatism that is often lacking among others who claim that title. When it comes to effectively working one-on-one with people to help them create a focused trajectory (whether personal or career oriented), Karen is my go-to-coach!
Victoria Tucker

Entrepreneur, CEO at ZBglobal, Speaker, Consultant, Mentor, Author, Linkedin

Karen is an exceptional leader and coach, and I had the sincere pleasure of working with her earlier this year. She has a unique ability to identify opportunities for development and is adept at creative problem-solving, fluent in thinking outside of the box. Her coaching style comes with a welcome trio of warmth, enthusiasm, and wit. Karen seamlessly combines concrete guidance, refreshing candor, and a sparkling sense of humor to add the most value and perspective to each step along the way. She meets you wherever you are on the timeline of your journey, and swiftly champions your goals with grace and seasoned expertise. Her deep knowledge and intuition enable her to curate each session, ensuring that achievements are in direct alignment with your vision and needs. I recommend Karen’s work without reservation. She has a natural talent for facilitating brilliant outcomes for her clients, celebrating both the wisdom inherent in the journey as well as the results that follow. Our collaboration was fundamental to my goals’ success, and I will be thrilled to have an opportunity to work together again in the future.
Victoria Nightingale

Creative Development Consultant, Writer, Editor, Content Strategist, Linkedin

It’s my pleasure to recommend Karen Darrin as professional coach. Karen helped me navigate the transition from a mid-level corporate career to a new path in consulting. I admire her organized approach and innate ability to hear the important cues that came out of our coaching sessions. She helped me focus and build an actionable plan. Karen combines her extensive background in HR and leadership with her passion for helping clients be the best they can be. She brings a strong blend of inquiry, patience and listening skills to provide the guidance and accountability her clients need to reach their desired goals. This is without a doubt her true calling.
Karen Lyons

Director, Direct Marketing at National Funding, Linkedin

Karen is delightful to work with and results-oriented. She has a very relaxed style, but helps you to quickly identify your goals and the most efficient and realistic path to meeting those goals. I wish I had worked with her in my early career. She’s an amazing coach.
Jen Clark

Director of Marketing and Communications at The Child's Primary School, Linkedin